Is Love Worth The Pain?

Love is one of the most beautiful yet painful things in life. It’s exciting, gives many people purpose, can solve almost anything, is so easy and simple yet so difficult. Love itself isn’t painful but love lost or not reciprocated is what hurts so much. So when you get your heart broken, you may put up a wall vowing never to fall in love again. But isn’t it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Isn’t it better to risk heartbreak if only to experience love for a moment?


1. Would you rather not have the memories at all?

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2. Love is really the only thing that matters at the end of the day.

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3. Work hard to get it and work harder to keep it.

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4. Love is what reminds us we’re alive.

18 Things You Shouldn’t Throw Away And Should Turn Into Something Cool

I hate letting anything go to waste, and I hate throwing things out. I have piles of magazines that I’ve kept over the years because what if I want to make a collage one day? And I have to keep all of my fabric scraps, because what if they come in handy one day? I keep everything, and save it all for those ‘what-if’ days, which roll around when I drink too much coffee and can’t sit still and turn my house into a craft store. You totally don’t need to throw these things out—embrace your inner Tim Gunn and “make it work.”

1. Save the ends of your old candles and their jars and make new candles.

Happy Go Lucky Blog
2. Make sun tea out of pineapple skins.

3. Melt down all of your almost-done lip balms into an empty mint container.

Beauty Lish
4. An empty plastic container keeps all your trash bags together.

Home Storage Solutions
5. While camping, bake cake over the fire in orange peels.

Just a Pinch
6. A button-up shirt that is out of life becomes an unique pillowcase.

Country Living
7. Make a funky rug out of old, messed up garden hoses.

Our Garden Path Designs
8. Turn almond containers into pantry containers.

Lewisville Love
9. When it’s time to retire a board game, turn it into one of these cool totes.

About Abbie
10. Turn a boring paper lantern into a fish-scaled fixture.

Design Sponge
11. Turn a mason jar into a fun vase.

Dwelling Happiness
12. Turn a cereal box into a magazine holder.

Everyday Dishes
13. Turn milk jugs into planters.

Eyes on Nature
14. Old drawers get new life as planters.

My Love 2 Create
15. Soda boxes become pencil cases.

The Creative Itch Boutique
16. Turn plastic bottles into a funky chandelier.

Oh Happy Day
17. Empty cans are easily turned into cool succulent planters.

18. Turn your used coffee grounds into yummy smelling candles.